Our values

We hold ourselves to a core set of values that are the foundation of our company.

Integrity — We start with being transparent and forthright with our clients and our team members.
Partnership — We establish collaboration through building close relationships with our hotels and their staff.
Education — We continuously look for opportunities to expand our knowledge base.
Community — Donating our time and resources to helping improve the communities in which we do business and live.

Our story

Bridgetown Revenue Management Solutions, LLC (BRMS) is based in Portland, OR.  The name Bridgetown is one of the many nicknames for our beautiful city due to the number of unique bridges which cross the Columbia and Willamette rivers.

BRMS came to be when Vicki Gideon, a long-time hotelier with a passion for travel and talent with numbers, started working from home with a small portfolio of hotels.  The company quickly grew with referrals from our existing clients. Hotel owners and management companies looking for their own individualized revenue management solutions recommended BRMS.

Since 2013, the company has expanded to a team of nine highly skilled individuals including six Revenue Managers, a Director of Sales, and several dedicated Revenue Coordinators.  Together we bring to the table over 70 years of experience including multi-property revenue management, brand conversion, sales and marketing, hotels operations that include event and front office management, and finance with task-force-level involvement. This combination of complete hotel experience and talents allows us to quickly adapt to new properties’ unique challenges, understanding their individual value proposition, market position, operating systems, strengths, and challenges.

As we have grown, we have not forgotten what is important to us not only as individuals but as a team. We support a work-life balance and sustainable living by allowing all of our team to work from a home-based office.