Hotel Revenue Management Services

Welcome to Bridgetown Revenue Management Solutions, one of the industry's leading hotel revenue management companies. Our talented Revenue Team, comprised of industry experts, is dedicated to optimizing hotel revenue management services to maximize performance for our hotel partners.

Our Approach

Our relationship with each property begins with a detailed understanding and alignment with the organizational culture that supports the revenue management process. As one of the most innovative hotel revenue management companies, we analyze market trends, demand, booking channels, and channel profitability to establish an intimate knowledge of the market and hotel. We strive to seize every opportunity, working closely with partners to capture those critical moments with an unwavering sense of timeliness.
An illustration of the tasks done by hotel revenue management services

Revenue Management Enhancement

With a strong foundation in values and experience, we bring creativity to our hotel revenue management services. Our teamwork approach allows us to provide a dedicated revenue manager and a support team of revenue managers to handle any challenges. We are flexible in creating unique revenue management plans for each partner, ensuring we meet an organization's specific needs and expectations.

Training & Education

Our team is extensively trained across multiple brands, property management systems, and technologies. As a key player among hotel revenue management companies, we work to stay ahead of industry trends, offering invaluable information to our partners. Regular involvement in hospitality organizations, continued education, and certification opportunities reflect our investment in broadening the knowledge of our on-property partners.

Revenue Management services

  • Revenue Management Meetings
  • Pace Evaluation
  • Group Pick-up Reporting
  • Competitive Rate Shops
  • Training
  • Third-Party Rate, Inventory Management, and Relationship Management
  • Interim Revenue Management Support
  • Technical Assistance with Channel Connectivity and Third-Party Platforms
  • Rate Parity Management
  • Daily Yield Management
  • Performance Reviews
  • Strategic Planning
  • Promotion Management
  • Special Projects
  • Brand Conversions
  • Channel distribution management

Sales & Marketing

  • Interim Director of Sales or Sales Manager Support
  • Sales Team & One on One Training
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Brand Conversions
  • Facilitate Annual RFP Process
  • Forecasting
  • Lead Generation
  • Special Projects
Don't hesitate to contact us so we can customize a program that will perfectly fit your specific needs. Together, we'll build a strategy that directly brings the best of hotel revenue management services to your doorstep, ensuring success and growth.